BF Goodrich 2257016 101T Long Trail T/A Tour

BF Goodrich 2257016 101T Long Trail T/A Tour

Long Trail T/A Tour is the perfect tyre for crossovers and SUVs. It delivers enhanced on-road precision for all conditions without compromising on-road comfort. Designed to provide crisp handling and plenty of grip, the Long Trail T/A Tour ensures high performance in wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow. Key Features and Benefits: The tyre’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by BF Goodrich’s Equal Tension Containment (ETEC) System of spirally wrapped nylon to help the tyre retain its shape at highway speeds for a controlled ride and enhanced durability. The Long Trail T/A Tour moulds an all-season rubber compound into a symmetric tread pattern that features independent shoulder blocks, notched intermediate ribs and a rigid centre rib to provide crisp handling, precise cornering and positive on-centre feel at highway speeds. Two-ply polyester casing helps soak up road shock and resist sidewall flex. Strategic siping in the tread blocks also ensures enhanced grip in rain and snow.

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