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BF Goodrich 2456014 98S Radial T/A

BF Goodrich 2456014 98S Radial T/A


Radial T/A is one of the most popular high-performance all-weather tyres. Manufactured with black or raised white letter sidewall styling, it is specially designed for muscle car and light truck drivers looking for a wide profile, classic-looking performance tyre. It gives a smooth and quiet ride because it has unique tread block phasing. One can expect superb wet and dry traction and control, with long, even wear. Key Features and Benefits: New tread compound with variable groove angle geometry to yield better wet and dry traction and control, and polyester/steel/nylon construction for maximum carcass strength. g-Wedge sidewall stabilizers to improve lateral stability and steering response. Tread compounding and variable groove angle geometry. Exceptional lateral stability and steering response for excellent ride quality. Genuine all-season traction for confident handling and superior tread life with even wear. High-performance yet low noise level and wide profile available for modern muscle. S speed rating allows for continuous use up to 112 mph. T speed rating allows for continuous use up to 118 mph. 50 through 80 Series sizes available.

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