Bridgestone 1957515 109/107L R205

Bridgestone 1957515 109/107L R205

Duravis R205 is a highway all position rib type tyre designed for 3 to 10 tonne trucks and commercial vehicles. With an innovative tread and carcass, it’s designed to last longer with a squarer, more robust shoulder that resists the wear commonly occurring on the steer axle of light trucks. With its new innovative tread and carcass design the Bridgestone Duravis R205 delivers 15% more wear life, reduced irregular wear. Key Features and Benefits: Specifically designed with a squarer more robust shoulder design to resist shoulder wear which commonly occurs on the steer axle of light trucks. Square tread design & wide shoulder offers reduced shoulder wear resulting in greater wear life. Improved lateral sipe design helps in outstanding wet braking and grip in worn condition. Excellent steering response with reduced irregular wear. Longer wear life and better braking in the wet.

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