Bridgestone 2058016 110/108R 8PR Dueler D840 (TOT)

Bridgestone 2058016 110/108R 8PR Dueler D840 (TOT)

Dueler H/T D840 is designed as a premium highway tyre for SUVs and 4x4s that require maximum ride quality and road holding. It delivers superior dry and wet road performance without sacrificing ride comfort and is original equipment on the Nissan Navara. It is for demanding drivers who prioritise riding comfort. It is a highway terrain tyre that provides good traction even on wet and watery roads. It ensures perfect vehicle balance on dry surfaces and has improvements which increases the life and tread wear and tear. Dueler H/T D840 combines the high-level traction and toughness that is required for full-fledged 4WD vehicles. At the same time, it provides superior driving performance, comfort, and reliability to a wide variety of vehicles including pickups, SUVs (sport-utility vehicles), CUVs (cross-utility vehicles), and premium SUVs/CUVs. Key Features and Benefits: Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. Low road noise for a more comfortable ride. Non-directional tread pattern for reduced road noise for a comfortable ride. Jointless cap ply for a smooth ride and lower road noise. Reinforced polyester body plies for increased stability and steering response. Excellent braking capability to increase safety. Exceptional handling in hazardous, wet conditions. Tyre designed to reduce noise.

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