Continental 2057016 97H ContiPremiumContact 2

Continental 2057016 97H ContiPremiumContact 2

ContiPremium Contact 2 is packed with premium luxury. It features shorter braking distances for luxury and medium sized cars. This optimised braking performance applies on both dry and wet surfaces. The tyre’s design provides excellent protection against aquaplaning and offers superb stability. Additionally ContiPremium Contact 2 is less prone to distortion, which vastly improves your car’s manoeuvrability. For upmarket mid-sized and luxury vehicles. Key Features and Benefits: Its innovative tread technology optimises braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces. New 3-D grooves help water dispersal more efficiently – providing excellent protection against aquaplaning. 3-D grooves also give the whole tyre superb stability. Outstanding braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. Excellent resistance to aquaplaning. Precise handling and unbeatable driving stability. Very good driving behaviour with shortest braking distance on dry and wet surface. Good aquaplaning performance with lower mileage.

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