Continental 2655019 110Y ContiCrossContact UHP

Continental 2655019 110Y ContiCrossContact UHP

CrossContact UHP is Continental’s Street/Sport Truck Summer tyre designed for luxury-oriented and high-performance four-wheel drive sport utility vehicles. It is designed to provide high cornering stability and excellent grip. It guarantees outstanding cornering without compromising on safety, thanks to the tyre�s asymmetrical profile and outer rigidity. And, designed with a dynamic �bionic contour�, that narrows the tyre at speed, and widens it when braking, it offers higher stability and reduced braking distances. Like all summer tyres, CrossContact UHP tyres are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. The bionic contour of the tyre narrows the tyre when moving and widens it when braking. This reduces the braking distance and ensures higher cornering stability. The tyre’s asymmetrical profile and outer rigidity guarantees exceptional cornering and a fun drive without compromising on safety. The four or five (depending on tyre width) circumferential drainage grooves provide excellent protection against aquaplaning. Key Features and Benefits: CrossContact UHP tyres use a silica-enhanced tread compound to combine wet and dry road grip with rolling resistance comparable to passenger car tyres. Compound is moulded into an asymmetric tread pattern that features stable outboard shoulder blocks linked to a continuous rib to promote steering precision and cornering stability. The Independent tread blocks flank a circumferential centre rib to enhance directional stability and straight-line tracking. Multiple lateral grooves are combined with four, wide circumferential grooves to promote efficient water drainage that enhances hydroplaning resistance and wet traction. The circumferential drainage grooves of the ContiCrossContact UHP ensure excellent protection against aquaplaning, while it also provides low rolling resistance and superb grip. Very short stopping distances especially in the wet and amazing good traction on grass and mud. For high speed road use with short braking distance through bionic contour. High cornering stability and large safety reserves with outstanding handling and driving enjoyment. Excellent protection against aquaplaning.

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