Continental 2958022.5 152/148M HSR2

Continental 2958022.5 152/148M HSR2

HSR2 is a Heavy Steer Regional tyre. HSR2 tyre is designed to have maximum life expectancy through customized tread geometry. It has even wear pattern under all load conditions through optimized contour, which ensures balanced pressure distribution in the ground contact patch. It also has precise handling thanks to perfected tread patterns and maximum grip in the wet with minimum wear through innovative tread compound for steer axles. It features reduced rolling resistance for better fuel economy. Key Features and Benefits: Deep improved cut and chip resistant tread compound for optimal performance. Protective curb rib for high scrub applications. Patented innovative groove technology leads to minimum stone retention, extending casing life. VAI alerts users of mechanical wear conditions while also indicating removal stag. Maximized life expectancy through customized tread geometry and a new wear resistant compound. Even wear pattern under various load conditions on all axles due to optimized contour and balanced pressure distribution. Advanced tread pattern with wide shoulder for quite ride and precise handling. Strong casing provides a durable base for premium retreadability. Patented stone ejection system leads to longer casing life.

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