Dunlop 1557013 75T EC201

Dunlop 1557013 75T EC201

EC201 tyres are designed as environment friendly tyres for compact vehicle owners who prefer quiet driving style. It has an optimum combination of performance characteristics. During the process of its development special attention has been paid to driving safety issues and additional possibility of saving fuel. Key Features and Benefits: Nylon outer breaker bands help to hold the tread shape at moderate as well as at high speeds providing a safe contact of the tyre with the roadway Edges of special form and advanced groove width provide with ruggedness of tread segments. A special rubber composition in combination with reduced rolling resistance enables considerable additional fuel economy. Rounded edges of tread segments provide uneven wear resistance. Longitudinal grooves provide a quick water removal from the contact area and thus enhances hydroplaning resistance and safe and reliable traction. Groove arrangement has been optimized and the five-step tread segment arrangement technology has been applied for noise level reduction.

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