Dunlop 2256518 103H Grandtrek ST20

Dunlop 2256518 103H Grandtrek ST20

Grandtrek ST20 comprises 90% on-road and 10% off-road performance, boasts a number of outstanding features: superior grip, excellent handling and braking, and low noise. This outstanding tyre has been specifically designed to complement the lifestyle, image and dynamics of the Toyota RAV4. It is also fitted exclusively to the exciting Nissan X-Trail but can be used on a wide range of vehicles. This 4WD tyre helps to provide outstanding on-road performance and the capability to tackle off-road tracks. Key Features and Benefits: 3 circumferential grooves and open shoulder blocks for rapid water drainage ensuring high aquaplaning resistance. Wavy S-shaped blocks for enhanced traction force on snow. Silica tread compound greatly increases wet braking and handling, while retaining outstanding levels of dry road performance. Spiral overlay construction improves steering response and braking efficiency. Original Equipment fitments endorsed by leading car manufacturers as original equipment.

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