Dunlop 2355518 100H Grandtrek ST30

Dunlop 2355518 100H Grandtrek ST30

Grandtrek ST30 comprises versatile features that ensure exceptional performance all year round. Strategically designed to handle a variety of road conditions, this original equipment SUV tyre delivers premium riding comfort with its asymmetric tread pattern and circumferential tread grooves. Not only do these qualities make sure a smooth ride, but they also improve the tyre’s traction in wet conditions by efficiently clearing away water from the footprint. It also features jointless band technology, which helps the tyre to retain its shape and improves its overall longevity while still enabling optimal performance at high speeds. Key Features and Benefits: M&S rated tyre with an all-season tread design that helps deliver year-round traction and enhanced wet handling. Asymmetric tread pattern provides a balance of wet and dry performance. Circumferential tread grooves pumps water away from the footprint for excellent wet traction. Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology reduces noise for a quiet ride. Jointless Band Technology maintains the tyre’s shape, enabling smooth performance at highway speeds. Black serrated sidewall and raised black letter design give it a stylish edge.

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