Dunlop 2553519 96Y SP Sport Maxx GT AO

Dunlop 2553519 96Y SP Sport Maxx GT AO

SP Sport Maxx GT has been designed for the ultimate handling. It is developed with Dunlop’s Touch Technology which provides precise steering and enhanced stability, both at high speeds and around corners. This high performance tyre comes fitted as original equipment to suit top end sports car models manufactured by leading manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes Benz & BMW. Key Features and Benefits: Hybrid Jointless Band Technology, a technology that is particularly useful when on the highway. This technology helps to maintain the shape of the tyre and performs excellent under highway speeds. It also helps to prevent flat spotting when the vehicle has not been driven for a period of time. Touch Technology for improved handling in the dry and wet conditions with enhanced grip and responsiveness when braking or accelerating. Racing Compound Technology limits the amount of distortion that is applied to the tyre under high speed conditions resulting in the tyre maintaining its shape for a smooth stable ride. Asymmetric Tread Design for superior control and comfort for a quiet and secure ride. Original Equipment Fitments recommended by many leading car manufacturers ensuring the high quality, performance and durability.

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