Dunlop 2554518 99Y SP Sport Maxx

Dunlop 2554518 99Y SP Sport Maxx

SP Sport Maxx tyre has been designed as an ultimate performance car tyre. Renowned as Ultra High Performance tyre it provides with maximum grip and maximum driving pleasure. The tyre delivers improved performance in wet and dry conditions and suits the majority of high performance vehicles including Lexus and Audi. Key Features and Benefits: Multi-Radius Tread (MRT) for excellent dry and wet handling. MRT creates extremely homogeneous pressure distribution on the contact patch thereby increasing the size of the contact patch. Silica based tread compound for superb braking and acceleration performance, low wear and tear. Also reduces rolling resistance, that can help enhance fuel economy. Twin Hydro Paddle technology for high aquaplaning resulting in turbine-like water displacement with no eddies. Stable centre rib for outstanding high speed and efficient transmission of lateral. Directional transfer variation for maximum driving comfort and minimal interior and exterior noise.

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