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Dunlop 2656018 110H Grandtrek PT2

Dunlop 2656018 110H Grandtrek PT2


Grandtrek PT2 is designed for SUVs and 4WDs and delivers a comfortable, quiet on-road ride rather than a tyre designed with off-road capabilities in mind. With silica tread compound the Grandtrek PT2 has enhanced handling and braking in the wet, along with superior mileage and fuel consumption. It is specially engineered in Japan and provides superior quietness and high speed stability for use on-road and therefore best suits the four wheel drive owner who enjoys a quiet smooth cruise. Key Features and Benefits: Silica based tread compound for superior braking, cornering and handling in wet and dry conditions. Also reduces rolling resistance, which can help enhance fuel economy. Built with 4 circumferential grooves for rapid water drainage that makes sure high aquaplaning resistance. High Speed Stability is maintained by the presence of one centre straight rib to improve tracking, which allows the vehicle to travel in a precise straight line. A round block is intended to improve cornering and an improved contact pressure distribution with the road for better steering response and stability. Presence of tread pattern helps further to reduce the noise of the tyre and high angle blocks provide smooth and quite contact with the road.

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