Dunlop 2657016 112S Grandtrek TG35M2

Dunlop 2657016 112S Grandtrek TG35M2

Grandtrek TG35M2 unites strength, durability and stability in one tyre, designed for 80% on-road and 20% off-road performance. The silica based tread compound of this 4WD tyre reinforces its sidewall to help protect against cuts and punctures, ensuring confident performance even in tough off-road conditions. The Grandtrek TG35 M2 also features a robust case construction that helps in traction and enhances the tyre’s resilience. It is endorsed by a number of car manufacturers as original equipment for their vehicles, including the Toyota Prado. It delivers an outstanding on-road experience as well as a confident off-road performance. Key Features and Benefits: Silica based tread compound for superb braking and acceleration performance, low wear and tear. Also reduces rolling resistance that can help enhance fuel economy. Robust Case Construction offers extra protection against many hazards commonly encountered in off-road conditions. Original Equipment fitments endorsed by leading 4WD manufacturers.

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