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Dunlop 2754022 108Y SP QuattroMaxx LR2

Dunlop 2754022 108Y SP QuattroMaxx LR2


SP Quattro Maxx has been developed for exceptional performance on the most demanding SUV vehicles. It’s designed with advanced features to cope with vehicles that are heavier, more powerful and have higher gravity centres than the standard SUV. Its flatter tread profile improves stability and enhances precision when cornering or steering. Its dual silica compound provides a superior dry grip that handles wet roads with great ease and keeps drivers firmly in control. Its ultra-stiff breakers help to improve road feedback and offers support for heavy handling. These top-of-the-line features ensure that the Dunlop SP Quattro Maxx can handle vehicles more powerful than the standard on-road 4WD. When it comes to exceptional performance and ultimate ride comfort for luxury SUVs, this tyre is the ideal choice. Key Features and Benefits: Apex with Kevlar fibre for improved road feedback and heavy handling performance. Dual tread compound provides enhanced steering response when accelerating and braking, together with increased stability when cornering. Ultra-stiff breakers provide good grip on wet and dry roads with high aquaplaning resistance.

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