Dunlop 2853520 100Y SP Sport 600 DSST RUNFLAT

Dunlop 2853520 100Y SP Sport 600 DSST RUNFLAT

SP Sport 600 is engineered to be an extreme performance for sporty cars. It offers outstanding performance under the most demanding driving conditions while delivering reduced noise levels and enhanced drive comfort. The SP Sport 600 is an Extreme Performance Summer tyre. So, like all Extreme Performance Summer tyres, these tyres are not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Key Features and Benefits: Asymmetric tread pattern helps provide a balance of wet and dry performance. A solid centre rib helps enhance steering response and driver feedback. Notched inboard intermediate and shoulder ribs are combined with three circumferential grooves to help resist hydroplaning. Circumferential and lateral-sweeping grooves help provide efficient water evacuation for wet traction. Jointless Band Technology helps maintain the tyre’s shape, enabling smooth performance at highway speeds. Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology helps reduce noise for a quiet ride. Features a high-grip, silica-reinforced tread compound to combine ride comfort, handling and traction.

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