Dunlop 7.5016 114/112P 8PLY SP Road Gripper F

Dunlop 7.5016 114/112P 8PLY SP Road Gripper F

Road Gripper F is designed as standard equipment to many popular 4WD models. It is popular as an aggressive off-road tyre developed specifically for people whose work or leisure regularly takes them off the beaten track. The Road Gripper S is a remarkably tough tyre, which delivers a superior performance in a variety of demanding conditions. It also meets the stringent tyre requirements of many leading 4WD manufacturers. The Road Gripper F is an off-road tyre designed for 50% on road and 50% off. Key Features and Benefits: Rugged tread design helps good traction and bite in rough conditions. Specially developed cavity shape for stronger cornering and tread wear. Robust Case Construction offers extra protection against many hazards commonly encountered in severe off-road conditions.

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