Goodyear 1756515 84T GT3

Goodyear 1756515 84T GT3

Eagle GT3 is a versatile passenger tyre ideal for everyday driving. Designed with a tread pattern that reduces fuel consumption and featuring natural (not oil-based) components, the GT3 is more environmentally friendly than a number of its counterparts and boasts excellent handing and wet weather performance. The Eagle GT3 is a great tyre choice both for the environment and for everyday driving. It combines all into one tyre design, offering surefooted grip in both wet and dry conditions, low road noise and long tyre life. It’s an all round performer that will suit your everyday driving needs. Key Features and Benefits: The Eagle GT3 features the Bubble Blade System, which increases traction and braking, as well as 3D-BIS technology, which helps to improve grip and steering in different driving conditions. The circumferential grooves in this passenger tyre provide better support and security on slick roads and increase aquaplaning resistance. The shoulder block tie-bars provide excellent handling and improve uniform wear. Goodyear’s bubble blade design ensures a smooth ride, and the GT3 has been designed specifically for Australian roads. Low noise generation pattern. Significantly increases traction and braking without compromising handling. Resists aquaplaning in wet conditions. Helps to provide good stability and copes with Australia’s arduous conditions. The tyre is manufactured using cornstarch derivatives replacing the usual oil-based components and the tread design consumes less fuel than the normal. A stylish everyday tyre, the GT3 combines low noise comfort with improved traction and helps the environment.

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