Goodyear 19514 106/104P Cargo G26

Goodyear 19514 106/104P Cargo G26

Cargo G26 is a high performance tyre for light trucks and vans that delivers high mileage without compromising on quality. It offers outstanding handling and straight line stability, even under heavy loads. It is designed for superior performance in all weather conditions with enhanced traction and resistance to aquaplaning. Goodyear’s Cargo G26 is the specialist tyre for today’s modern vans and light trucks. With its dual strength in wet and dry conditions, it is an outstanding performer in the light truck tyre sector. Key Features and Benefits: With its dual-radius construction and deep tread pattern, the Cargo G26 will keep running costs down thanks to its extra-long tyre life. Cargo G26’s semi-open shoulders and staggered tread blocks ensure even contact with the road, and is available in a wide range of sizes. Deep tread helps in extended tyre life. Staggered tread blocks offers low noise and even wear. With a fantastic contact patch the tyre maintains stability, and road grip whilst achieving higher mileage with reduced noise. Features include a special 4 rib/block design that helps to ensure even contact with the surface of the road, enhancing grip and mileage. The tyre’s wide circumferential grooves disperse water quickly and efficiently, improving its wet weather performance. The tread pattern of the Cargo G26, with its diagonal and radial blading, contributes to lowered noise levels and also provides extra traction.

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