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Goodyear 2157015 106/104S Durasport

Goodyear 2157015 106/104S Durasport


Durasport is not an ordinary rain tyre, as it boasts Goodyear’s “aqua traction technology” and a deep directional tread pattern for maximum performance in both light and heavy rain. Using its spiral overlay construction and solid shoulder ribs, the Durasport can evacuate water from its grooves at the impressive rate of 22 litres per second. Goodyear Durasport features advanced technology to ensure a smooth, comfortable and efficient drive every time. Its solid shoulder ribs and spiral overlay construction contribute to a quick steering response and better support for handling, especially when carrying heavy loads. For van or light truck drivers searching for a tyre that excels in both wet and dry conditions, the Goodyear Durasport is a highly recommended choice. Key Features and Benefits: Durasport’s Aqua Traction Technology can deliver an incredible water evacuation capacity of 22 litres per second. Directional tread helps in rapid response capabilities and excellent handling. Tread with a high density of sipes and notches offers tight cornering with heavy and light loads. Spiral overlay construction helps in channels water flow out of the footprint to ensure secure grip in very wet conditions. Solid shoulder ribs and spiral overlay construction offers quick response and precise handling when cornering with both heavy and light loads. Directional tread and a traction zone with a high density of sipes and notches. Channels water flow out of the footprint for secure grip in heavy rain and enhances wet traction in light rain.

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