Goodyear 2453519 93Y Eagle F1 Asymmetric MOE Runflat

Goodyear 2453519 93Y Eagle F1 Asymmetric MOE Runflat

Eagle F1 Asymmetric is Goodyear’s Max Performance Summer tyre developed for modern high performance vehicles that are more advanced, intelligent and luxurious than ever before. However, since these vehicles are also more powerful, faster and heavier, they require tyres that can provide control without conceding comfort. The asymmetric in the Eagle F1 Asymmetric name describes both the tyre’s tread design and internal structure, both of which are designed to enhance performance in dry and wet conditions. Like all summer tyres, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Key Features and Benefits: Proven asymmetric tyre tread for precise, race-inspired handling on wet or dry roads provides steering responsiveness. TredLock technology – microgrooves help provide biting edges for commanding wet traction and grip in turns that help in ultra wet traction. Dry handling zone puts more rubber on the road for superb dry traction and handling offers. Active Cornergrip Technology and Racing Compound derivatives, the pressure is evenly distributed when cornering at high speeds, meaning more contact patch grips the road more of the time cornering stability. Dual-zone, asymmetric tread pattern helps shed water and slush for enhanced wet grip and all-season performance. Uses Goodyear’s Racing Compound Technology to combine carbon black for dry traction, silica for wet traction and a new generation of polymers to optimize tread stiffness. The internal structure of the Eagle F1 Asymmetric includes twin steel belts reinforced with three layers of spirally wrapped polyamide cord to enhance tread stability and high-speed capability. Wide circumferential grooves also allow water to flow from between the tyre footprint and road. Continuous centre rib improves high speed stability and an open inboard tread pattern disperses water.

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