Goodyear 2854020 104Y Eagle EfficientGrip RFT

Goodyear 2854020 104Y Eagle EfficientGrip RFT

Eagle Efficient Grip is efficient by name and by nature, and should be the first choice for luxury ride. Here’s a tyre that Goodyear describes as its quietest ever, thanks to its innovative built-in rubber underlay and closed shoulder design. An environmentally friendlier tyre it provides driving performance while reducing fuel consumption. This tyre has the great handling and reduced wet braking distances for greater traction. It is also up there with the quietest tyre ever and delivers exceptional mileage. Key Features and Benefits: Combining a closed shoulder design, balanced block distribution and perpendicular edge tread blades, provides a smooth transition as the tread makes contact with the road and prevents radiating radial noise from entering the interior of the vehicle. A rubber under lay has been added to the tyre carcass to absorb the tyre vibrations and reduce providing a smoother and more comfortable ride. The tread design provides maximum blading across the tyre to road contact spot which helps to maximise grip on various road conditions and while cornering. A high loaded silica blend reduces intra-molecular friction resulting in measurable reduction in fuel consumption. Promotes the smoothest of smooth rides for maximum passenger comfort, and is available in a range of sizes.

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