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Goodyear 2958022.5 152/148M S200+ (Steer)

Goodyear 2958022.5 152/148M S200+ (Steer)


S200 is designed for medium and long distance buses and trucks, and the grounding footprints for longer operation distances. The Goodyear S200 features innovative KMax technology for excellent mileage and suitability in a range of applications. New generation silica tread compound with special molecular cross linking for higher stiffness improves mileage by providing resistance to accelerated tread wear. It has super tensile strength grade of steel and a high degree of rubber insulation between the steel belt wires. Robust, damage resistant construction and improved resistance to belt cord fracturing. S200 pattern has a high density of ‘Flexomatic Blades’. It has improved wet braking, grip and handling. Aids in providing even wear and extended mileage. Key Features and Benefits: Tapered directional groove blades helps in distributing the pressure evenly across tread area and prolong tread life. New groove blading design strengthen the tread area, effectively reduce damages and improves mileage. Tuned contact patch improves footprint, effectively avoid shoulder uneven wear. New steel belt cord design coupled with high tensile steel belt cord, allow better coating of rubber around the steel cords helps to eliminate rusting problem due to moisture and prolong the casing life. Specially formulated compound for Asian road conditions improves wear resistance and provide excellent mileage. Enlarged contact patch provides better grip. Extra wide shoulder design and edge blading prevent uneven wear. 4 belts construction helps to reduce damage due to penetration and provide more protection to the casing. Strengthened bead bundle Enhance casing durability improves retreadability.

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