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Kumho 31580225 156/150K 20PR MD01 (Drive)

Kumho 31580225 156/150K 20PR MD01 (Drive)


KU19 is Kumho’s latest ultra high performance tyre with the pinnacle of tyre technology comprising a multi-tread design. With Y-speed rated asymmetric tyre, it is a perfect choice for luxury sedans and touring wagons. This ultra high-performance tyre provides all-round handling and performance due to the unique asymmetric tread design. In hazardous weather conditions, the silica compound provides abundance of grip, while the inner tread grooves rapidly empty water. Key Features and Benefits: It has variable pitch sequencing arrangement which optimises noise level and maximises ride comfort. Due to application of wide blocks, it maximises gripping power at cornering. It combines sporty handling and excellent wet road performance. The twin steel belts and jointless nylon not only provide high speed durability, but also ensures receptive handling and a stable, relaxed ride. The durable, long-lasting KU19 is a secure choice for a tyre that performs good in all conditions.

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