Michelin 1956516 104/102R Agilis

Michelin 1956516 104/102R Agilis

Agilis tyre is designed for those who want the experience of a long life in on-road driving. Long life in grip, long life in handling, the Agilis performs better all-round until the end of its life. Suited to tarmac conditions this tyre has been carefully designed to minimize sidewall scuffing in urban driving which even more so demonstrates its robustness. While Original Equipment All-Season tyres are often repurchased as direct replacements for pairs and sets of worn out Original Equipment tyres, they can also be used on other vehicles in axle pairs or sets of four if they match the needed tyre size, load range and speed rating specifications, as well as the anticipated driving conditions. Key Features and Benefits: Better grip and performance for the life of the tyre. Strong sidewall for optimized protection and to minimize sidewall scuffing in urban driving. Improved mileage to help save money over the life of the tyre. A workhorse for light trucks or compact vans. Provides good traction in both wet and dry conditions.

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