Michelin 2157517.5 126/124M X Multi Z (All Position)

Michelin 2157517.5 126/124M X Multi Z (All Position)

X Multi Z is the latest generation of Michelin Truck & Bus tyres especially designed for businesses that require high levels of safety for its drivers, loads and passengers without sacrificing the durability that is needed for travelling over different types of road surfaces and for long distances. It provides industry-leading fuel efficiency with 15% reduction in rolling resistance. It also provides excellent mileage with extended durability. Key Features and Benefits: Suitable for medium to heavy vehicles optimized for short to medium distance national, regional and highway operation. Brings outstanding durability and all-season mobility in all kinds of road conditions. Long tyre mileage and even wear with maximized retreadability. Lower overall tyre cost of operation. Features Michelin technology that improves safety, resistance to road hazard damage and durability with low rolling resistance. Outstanding mileage due to wider tread blocks with optimization of slow wear-rate rubber compound. Less downtime due to better resistance to wear and road hazard damage. Better stability on road due to wider contact patch. Better fuel saving due to low rolling resistance.

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