Michelin 2254518 95Y Primacy 3 ZP MOE RFT GRNX

Michelin 2254518 95Y Primacy 3 ZP MOE RFT GRNX

Primacy 3 is Michelin’s Grand Touring Summer tyre developed for luxury coupe and sedan drivers looking for warm-weather tyres that combine good ride and low noise with better braking, steering control and handling on wet roads. It is designed to enhance vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 gas emissions. It meets Michelin’s Green X standard for low rolling resistance. While Primacy 3 tyres are designed to offer reliable traction in dry and wet conditions in warm ambient temperatures, they are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Key Features and Benefits: Primacy 3 tyres feature a new generation Michelin tread compound moulded into a symmetric tread design that has a notched centre rib flanked by independent intermediate ribs and large shoulder blocks to combine responsive handling and high-speed stability with traction and even treadwear. The Primacy 3 tyre’s structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by size-optimized BAZ Technology (spirally-wrapped Polyamide Banded At Zero degrees to tyre rotation) to enhance ride quality while providing high-speed durability.

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