Michelin 2356016 100V Primacy 3 ST GRNX

Michelin 2356016 100V Primacy 3 ST GRNX

Primacy 3 ST is engineered for large and upper mid-sized luxury vehicles. Designed to provide exceptional ‘on-road silence’, it is also developed for long-lasting durability. Excellent ride comfort is guaranteed due to the ‘CushionGuard’ technology. With improved safety and shorter braking distances, Michelin’s Primacy 3 ST is the perfect match for Audi A5, BMW 5 Series, Lexus IS or GS Series. Key Features and Benefits: The ST in the tyre’s title stands for Silence Tuned. Though emphasis was placed on the tyre’s quietness and comfort, Michelin says dynamic qualities are not sacrificed. The tyres feature a unique tread pattern with a multitude of tread block sizes to spread the noise generated over a range of frequencies. Called ‘EvenPeak’ by Michelin, the technology also has benefits in water clearing on wet roads. FlexMax is Michelin’s term for the particular characteristics of the compound it uses which yields both comfort and mechanical grip benefits. CushionGuard defines the 3 ST’s tyre-wall construction which yields both comfort and durability benefits. Stabiligrip is a feature which moulds an interlocking band into the tyre mid-tread which limits individual tread block distortion under hard use. This feature ‘reinforces’ the tyre in dry use but equally allows the tyre grooves (sipes in tyre language) to stay open and draining water under duress in wet conditions.

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