Michelin 2656018 100T Energy Saver LTX

Michelin 2656018 100T Energy Saver LTX

Energy Saver is a fuel conscious tyre to save you money, with durability to last longer. Renowned for shorter braking distances to increase safety it also cares for the environment through lower emissions. With this tyre one will win with noticeable fuel savings and outstanding safety performance. An extremely fuel-efficient passenger car tyre developed for the drivers of hybrid and fuel-efficient passenger cars. Key Features and Benefits: Key Features and Benefits: Original equipment for many European marques. Improved wet braking distance for safety. Cares for the environment through lower emissions. Offers the best grip in its class on wet or dry roads due to an asymmetric tread pattern and textured spines. Designed for city cars, MPV’s and family cars. Less fuel consumption and outstanding longevity. By enabling a reduction in fuel consumption, the tyre also reduces vehicle CO2 emissions.

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