Michelin 2755020 109W Latitude Sport MO

Michelin 2755020 109W Latitude Sport MO

Latitude Sport is Michelin’s Street/Sport Truck Summer tyre initially developed for Original Equipment (O.E.) use on some of the world’s most prestigious high performance crossover and sport utility vehicles (Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg). Latitude Sport is the reference point for high performance SUVs. For ultimate handling, steering response and control at speed, this tyre will give you the sports performance you’ve been looking for. Combining unparalleled dry grip with ultimate handling and steering response, Michelin’s Latitude Sport is the ultra-high performance tyre for the premium performance SUV. The Latitude Sport is designed to deliver world-class dry and wet road traction, handling and cornering but like all summer tyres, it is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Key Features and Benefits: Construction allows for higher speeds and loads. Ultimate on-road performance and handling . Latitude Sport tyres share the asymmetric tread pattern and dual tread compounds of Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Max Performance Summer tyres for passenger cars. Features a hybrid silica/carbon black compound that begins at the tyre’s outboard shoulder and continues across the tread to enhance dry traction where a high-silica compound continues to the tyre’s inboard shoulder to enhance wet traction. Large outboard shoulder blocks along with continuous intermediate and centre ribs enhance steering response and cornering stability while wide circumferential grooves and lateral notches help channel water to enhance wet road traction. The tyres’ internal structure includes two high-tensile, steel cord belts that are further reinforced by size-optimized, precisely placed individual aramid/nylon hybrid filaments that resist tyre distortion to provide high-speed durability and enhanced ride quality.

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