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Michelin 3253019 105Y Pilot Super Sport

Michelin 3253019 105Y Pilot Super Sport


Pilot Sport Cup+ is designed for sports and extreme performance vehicles. It is designed for track use and also it is easy to drive on the open road. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup+ is homologated by Porsche on the GT3 (997) and 911 Turbo (997), and now on the new BMW M3. It is developed for enthusiasts who participate. However, they are not recommended for driving in wet conditions where standing water is present and there is the risk of hydroplaning. These tyres are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Key Features and Benefits: Features an asymmetric tread design with a massive outboard shoulder rib to enhance steering response and cornering stability in dry conditions. Thin circumferential outboard shoulder groove and wide circumferential grooves and independent tread blocks of the inboard design enhance wet traction. Tyre’s internal structure includes two full-width steel belts reinforced with Michelin’s Banded At Zero (BAZ) technology to stiffen the tread area and help prevent contact area distortion during aggressive acceleration, cornering, braking and high-speed use.

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