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Pirelli 1955515 85V Cinturato P6

Pirelli 1955515 85V Cinturato P6


Cinturato P6 are are high performance tyres designed specifically for small to medium passenger vehicles. Coming to you from the world leading tyre manufacturer, Pirelli Tyres, the Cinturato P6 tyres increase the fuel efficiency, resulting in fuel cost savings. These tyres are part of Pirelli�s special Cinturato range of environment friendly tyres. Bringing together high fuel efficiency with no compromise on performance levels, it is hardly surprising that the Pirelli Cinturato P6 tyres are original equipment for leading automotive manufacturers like Hyundai, Mercedes and Seat. And of course, the tyres are widely available on the replacement market too. In addition, the Pirelli P6 Cinturato tyres actively contribute to clean air, because the tread compound is composed of materials that are eco-friendly and which have minimal environmental impact. Key Features and Benefits: Cinturato P6 tyres exhibit an advanced symmetrical pattern with continuous circumferential grooves. The outer shoulder tread blocks are large and wide, maximising contact with the road, so that stability is high at all speeds. Central rib is particularly solid and maintains aggressive road contact at all times, conferring maximum cornering stability too. Circumferential grooves in the tyre tread serve as efficient water deflection channels, enhancing wet grip and safety. This results in reduced braking distances on wet surfaces. The tread compound used in the Pirelli Cinturato P6 tyres is long lasting and maintains high performance and safety levels throughout its life. The Pirelli Cinturato P6 tyres use a unique tread compound that reduces rolling resistance. As a result, the fuel consumption is more efficient, resulting in lesser fuel demand. This by itself reduces carbon dioxide emission levels. Assured stability at high speeds increases driving confidence. Improved wet safety parameters take the stress out of rainy day drives. Increased fuel efficiency and tyre durability are cost beneficial in the long run.

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