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Pirelli 2156516 109R Chrono 2

Pirelli 2156516 109R Chrono 2


Chrono 2 provides exceptional grip and braking thanks to the specialised tread design, pattern stiffness and reinforced tyre structure. And, with the two continuous central ribs, drivers will enjoy immense cornering capability and regular tread wear, even with high loads. The new tread pattern compound also ensures low rolling-resistance, meaning less CO2 emissions and better fuel efficiency. Pirelli Chrono 2 is the ideal choice for van and commercial vehicles that need good performance and safety, even when carrying high loads. A versatile tyre both for short and long journeys, Chrono 2 provides a reassuring drive even for long journeys. Key Features and Benefits: Large contact area helps in reduced braking distance with excellent traction. Made with innovative materials and is designed with an optimized mould profile that offers weight reduction. Strong sidewalls provide lateral protection for improved efficiency, rolling resistance and comfort. Reinforced tyre structure with unique tread design handles corners well even with high loads. Two continuous ribs helps in regular and even tread wear. Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Strong sidewalls provide increased lateral protection against impacts. Excellent performance on wet and dry roads. Reduced braking distances and improved traction.

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