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Pirelli 2555019 107H Scorpion Verde A/S MO

Pirelli 2555019 107H Scorpion Verde A/S MO


Scorpion Verde All Season is the high mileage and light off-road performance tyre that does not compromise on comfort and safety. It delivers plenty of control and exceptional water expulsion thanks to the large contact patch and longitudinal grooves. This feature ensures maximum safety in wet weather conditions. The optimised tread design also provides low internal noise for a quiet ride, while the longitudinal and high lateral siping guarantees great stability and superb winter grip. Key Features and Benefits: The Ecoimpact icons on the sidewall of the Scorpion Verde All Season highlight its environmental compatibility where it reduces rolling resistance and tyre weight to increase fuel economy and lower the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. Designed to combine dry and wet road handling, comfort and year-round capabilities, including all-season traction in light snow. Scorpion Verde All Season moulds a silica tread compound into an asymmetric tread design that features an optimized rubber-to-void ratio and uniform contact patch to blend dry road traction and performance with uniform wear. Four wide circumferential grooves displace water to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Longitudinal siping for lateral stability on loose surfaces and high-density lateral siping enhance wet and wintertime traction. Longer lasting tyre that maintains high levels of performance and safety. Optimised pitch sequence and phasing helps in wow noise and improved driving comfort. Specific shoulder profile for improved stability for larger SUVs.

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