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Pirelli 2958022.5 152/148M Diamante Nero FH95

Pirelli 2958022.5 152/148M Diamante Nero FH95


P6000 is a premium touring summer tyre with a highly recommended buy. It performs well dry surfaces and the uniform tread wear increases its efficiency. Pirelli pushes the performance envelope with the P6000. It is developed using “PASS” (Pirelli Active Safety System). Key Features and Benefits: With the latest generation of silica based compounds, Pirelli technologists have solved the problem of mixing silica and black fillers with synthetic polymers to provide exceptional low rolling resistance and high wet grip. Central design feature is the wavy profile pattern that, in conjunction with the pronounced central rain groove, offers superior water expulsion on wet road surfaces – which considerably reduces the risk of hydroplaning. P6000 casing has been specifically designed to reduce weight and to amplify the attributes of the new tread pattern and compound combination. Provides outstanding traction, braking and handling regardless of the situation. Newer compound that offers better grip. Ultimate control in acceleration, cornering and braking whilst maintaining exceptional handling. Using advanced computer-modelling techique, P6000 gives you unprecedented control. Designed to equip the majority of medium to high powered cars. 200 original equipment approvals from leading car manufacturers.  

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