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Toyo 2054516 83W TYDRB

Toyo 2054516 83W TYDRB


TOYO DRB is a new range for the ‘Balanced Performance’ segment in the Ultra High Performance tyre market. TOYO DRB offers a balance between comfort and sports performance. It delivers superior wet and dry braking thanks to the large block and narrow slit shoulder. Also, the directional tread pattern with stylish sidewall design enhances grip and steering response, even at very high speeds. As well as providing protection against aquaplaning and a quiet ride, the Toyo DRB is for high-performance drivers who demand both exceptional handling and ride comfort. Key Features and Benefits: Designed to offer ‘Total Balance’, TOYO DRB gives drivers outstanding handling and ride comfort. Quick response to steering inputs with excellent wet and dry handling and braking. Quiet, comfortable ride with directional pattern with stylish sidewall design. The Toyo DRB is an entry level-high performance tyre. With its functional and stylish tread design, the Toyo DRB offers quick steering response and enhanced stability as well.

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