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Toyo 2156016 95W PROXES C1S

Toyo 2156016 95W PROXES C1S


Proxes C1S is designed to be a high-end radial tyre for premium and luxury sedans. It provides exceptional high-speed stability, low rolling resistance for improved fuel economy and a comfortable ride. And, in heavy rain, the wide circumferential grooves ensure exceptional water evacuation. With a rim protector to help protect from curb damage, Proxes C1S is the premium choice for premium luxury vehicles. Key Features and Benefits: Features high speed stability and low rolling resistance for improved fuel economy. Provides a quiet and comfortable ride. ‘Silent Wall’ circumferential grooves for the quietest of rides, and an asymmetric tread design for superb high-speed stability. Silica reinforced tread compound and wide rib feature provides exceptional handling and grip in wet or dry weather. The construction of the new Proxes C1S features an advanced wide edge ply for reduced high pitch road noise.

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