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Toyo 2356014 96H TEO Plus

Toyo 2356014 96H TEO Plus


TEO Plus provides long tread life, low rolling resistance and superior traction in wet weather conditions thanks to the wear-resistant silica tread compound. And, with Toyo’s specially designed “Noise Protection Sheet” and non-directional tread design, road noise and vibration are reduced for a quiet ride. The circumferential grooves ensure resistance against aquaplaning, while the “3D multi sipes” and tie-bar ensure the Toyo TEO Plus delivers optimum dry grip and cornering performance. The TEO Plus is a premium touring tyre developed for sporty coupes, sedans and station wagons. The TEO Plus is designed to provide a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride, and long tread life with excellent wet braking performance. Key Features and Benefits: Unique tread design and construction, including “Silent wall” and “Noise Protection Sheet”, for noise reduction. “3D multi sipes” incorporated to minimise irregular wear thus providing longer life. Wear-resistant silica tread compound for long tread life, low rolling resistance and high levels of traction on wet roads. Wide main circumferential grooves for aquaplaning resistance. Non-directional tread pattern for low tread noise and simplified rotations.

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