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Yokohama 1122.5 16PR TY517T (Drive)

Yokohama 1122.5 16PR TY517T (Drive)


M143 from Toyo Tyres is a tubeless, highway-rib truck/bus tyre suitable for all axle positions. It features wide tread width, wide shoulder ribs and a flat crown radius for optimum handling and improved wear qualities. It is designed to have a longer wear life and improved irregular wear resistance. It has a five rigid straight ribs design and refined casing profile provide optimized distribution of the contact pressure, resulting in improved irregular wear resistance and prolonged wear life. It has excellent casing durability and retreadability. The high-tensile open cords for the casing ply, the high-elongation protector belt and the stress-free casing profile prevent the casing from cuts, rust migration or the stress concentration. Key Features and Benefits: DSOC II technology optimizes footprint design for even wear and long life. Wide solid outer rib improves stability and handling performance. Zigzag pattern with deep tread depth improves wet and dry traction. Optimized tread design reduces rolling resistance for improved fuel economy. Four-steel-belt construction braces the tread area, improving durability. High-elongation top belt protects casing integrity, while steel chafer bead offers improved durability. Advanced casing design and heat-resistant compounding deliver extended casing life and improved retreadability. Even contact pressure for resistance to irregular wear and maximised removal life. High levels of cornering grip and excellent resistance to shoulder wear.







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