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Yokohama 1856515 88S BluEarth E50

Yokohama 1856515 88S BluEarth E50


BlueEarth AE01 is designed to combine long mileage and great fuel efficiency. It is an economical tyre for small to medium cars and for everyday motorists who care about the environment and also want to save their money for the finer things in life. The earth-friendly BluEarth AE01 is the wise, caring tyre choice for your vehicle. Key Features and Benefits: The Yokohama BluEarth AE01 uses low rolling resistance technology to take drivers up to 8% further on a tank of petrol on highways, and a whopping 10% further in urban environments. The five-pitch variation tread design also provides low tyre and cabin noise, ensuring you have a quiet and comfortable ride. The ‘Orange Oil’ technology provides plenty of grip in wet conditions, while also guaranteeing long mileage. Fuel Saving as it is an environmentally-friendly product. AERO Dynamics with dent design for sidewall brandings.

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