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Yokohama 2055016 87V S306

Yokohama 2055016 87V S306


S306 is low profile summer tyre for passenger cars and combines a sporty performance with comfort. It provides new levels of comfort and quietness. It has excellent wet and dry balance. S306 has a specially designed tread pattern incorporating four main grooves and three narrow grooves. This provides highly efficient drainage, and additionally, the outer narrow grooves maintain the rigidity of the shoulder area. Key Features and Benefits: S306 offers both firm grip in the wet and super-responsive handling in the dry. Advanced noise tuning technology in harmony with human Sensitivities. Tread pattern not only lowers road noise volume, but also controls its tone, making it easier on the human ear. A silica tread compound provides the Yokohama S306 with excellent wet surface grip. Enjoyable drive and low rolling noise. Four wide circumferential grooves and 3 narrower grooves help drain water to optimise wet road performance.

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