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Yokohama 2454518 100Y ADVAN Sport V105

Yokohama 2454518 100Y ADVAN Sport V105


ADVAN Sport V105 takes the lead against some of the world’s most recognised tyre brands. It has recently been crowned ‘Best Tyre’ in the Wheels Tyre Test 2015. It has performed exceptionally well not only in Australia but around the world with a first and second place finish in French magazine “Motorsport” (Le Magazine de L’Automobile Sportive) and UK’s “EVO” magazine respectively. The ADVAN Sport V105 is Yokohama’s flagship high performance tyre. It is Yokohama’s Max Performance Summer tyre developed for the drivers of high-powered sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans. It combines an increase in agile handling with a more comfortable ride when compared to its predecessor by featuring precision-tuned materials and structures. Like all summer tyres, the ADVAN Sport V105 is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. For limousine quietness and race tyre performance, the ADVAN Sport V105 is the pinnacle of Yokohama’s high-performance tyre range. This tyre provides long mileage, astonishing grip and superior performance in wet and dry conditions thanks to the asymmetrical tread design and ‘Orange Oil’ technology. Key Features and Benefits: The tread design is conservative with wide straight grooves to disperse water and silent sipes to reduce tyre noise. Under the surface hides a race tyre-like Matrix Body Ply structure providing rigidity resulting in quick steering response for drivers. Grip is provided by Yokohama’s innovative “Orange Oil nano-blend rubber compound” which keeps the tyre flexible at a micro-level. The reduced tyre weight ensures excellent steering response and better fuel efficiency. The wide straight grooves protect against hydroplaning. The ‘matrix body ply’ structure and silent sipe tread-grooves increase stability and reduce external vehicle noise, for a quiet, comfortable high-performance ride. The compound is moulded into an asymmetrical tread design in which wide outboard shoulder blocks and circumferential ribs work together to promote dry traction and handling. Variable width circumferential grooves and asymmetric lateral notches help reduce noise and promote water flow through the footprint to resist hydroplaning. The tyre’s internal structure features two rigid steel belts reinforced by spirally wound overlapping nylon across the tread with three layers covering the belt edges in the shoulders to combine high-speed durability and responsive handling.

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