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Yokohama 3312.5015 108S Geolandar G015 A/T

Yokohama 3312.5015 108S Geolandar G015 A/T


Geolandar ATS G012 is a versatile tyre that provides superior grip in both gravel and snow, and an on-centre feel for straight-line stability on unsealed tracks. And, in the rough off-road, the tread compound is cut and chip resistant, ensuring solid protection from cuts and tears. The long-lasting tread allows the Geolandar ATS G012 to perform in all conditions, including light snow and sand, plus Yokohama’s ‘Silent Tyre Technology’ ensures that highway travel will always be quiet and comfortable. It’s important to stay in the tyre tracks, and not stray into the mounds of loose stuff, when travelling fast on gravel. The Geolandar has good on-centre feel and straight line stability to help the driver feel more confident and comfortable in these conditions. The tread compound on the Geolandar A/T-S is remarkably cut and chip resistant. Especially when compared to some specialist off-road tyre brands. Key Features and Benefits: Impressive all terrain capability without generating the tyre noise and harshness of most all terrain tyres. Works well on snow because the tread picks up a little snow. The Geolandar is not so aggressive that it digs the vehicle down into the sand. It rides on top of the sand comfortably. Lower the pressures for better performance. Silent Tyre Technology from the passenger range makes the A/T-S surprisingly a quiet all terrain tyre. Four straight grooves evacuate water for better performance in wet conditions. Dual 3-D Rattlesnake sipes improve road performance & reduce uneven wear. Pyramid design adds stiffness. Zigzag configuration drains away water & grips slippery surfaces. Beveled block edges promote even wear. Five-pitch block variation cuts tyre noise & reduces uneven wear. Multistep Tread Technology features platforms around the groove walls, increasing rigidity for improved wet & dry maneuverability. Self-cleaning action ejects mud for better off-road traction. Aggressive side protectors result in better traction in mud & stronger resistance to cuts.

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