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Does My Car Need Wheel Alignment or Wheel Balancing?

We all know that driving a car is not only about going from point A to B. Driving allows us to experience the world, enjoy our favourite music and take in different scenes while we are on the road. However, sometimes it might feel like your car is out of alignment when you’re driving down the highway, and there’s a constant feeling of shuddering, shaking or being off-balance. This can be due to wheel misalignment or balancing issues with your tyres!

Here at RnM Tyres, we find that many people know they probably should get a wheel alignment now and then, but they really don’t know why or understand how important it actually is. These services do much more than you’d think! This blog post will help you determine whether your vehicle needs wheel alignment or if it would be better suited for tyre balancing services.

If your car is vibrating excessively, pulling to one side or making a humming noise, the tyres may need Wheel Alignment. Wheel balancing and alignment are two different services that can help with these problems. Tyre balancing will ensure that each tyre has the same weight on it, so there’s less vibration when driving and a much smoother ride. Wheel alignment makes sure the angles of the tyres match up with those of your vehicle’s steering axis for better performance and handling.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment ensures that all of the cars wheels are parallel along an imaginary line and that the wheels are perpendicular to each other. Wheel alignment is usually done when a vehicle has been in an accident or if you notice your car pulling one way while driving on uneven surfaces. Wheel alignment is a service which adjusts your car’s suspension – the system that connects your car to its wheels. It’s not an adjustment of the tyres or wheel themselves, but rather it keeps you from veering off course and helps with handling on uneven roads.

Have you ever noticed that after a while, the tyres on your car start to wear down? It’s because of an issue with wheel alignment. Wheel alignments are essential not just for safety but also for fuel efficiency and tyre life! At RnM Tyres, we recommend having them checked every 10,000 KM or twice per year at least, so they don’t get too worn out before their time is up. Otherwise, it can cause significant problems like steering issues, which will shorten your tire’s lifespan by thousands of kilometres and damage critical components such as the steering system and suspension if left untreated.

What does tyre balancing mean?

Tyre balancing means adjusting each tyre’s air pressure as necessary to keep them all at uniform levels, so you don’t have any uneven wear or shaking while driving, and all tires have equal weight distribution for better performance. Uneven tyre wear and vibration or trembling in your steering wheel, floorboard or seat can signal it’s time for tyre balancing. You may also want to have your tyres balanced during a tyre rotation after a flat repair or as part of scheduled maintenance. Interestingly, the areas of your car that tremble can indicate whether front or back wheels need balancing- if it’s in the steering wheel, then it’s likely your front tyres on uneven wear. In contrast, trembling seats indicate rear balance loss caused by an outfitting rim hitting a curb.

At RnM Tyre Centre, we focus on what’s important, you and your vehicle. We know it isn’t always easy to find the right business to look after your vehicle, but our expert team members are always happy to help. We’ll advise on everything from choosing the right wheels & tyres for your driving style to keeping your tyres in peak condition. And don’t worry, we offer very competitive pricing! Get in touch with us today to get your expert Wheel Alignment or Tyre Balancing service booked in.

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