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How To Dispose Of Unwanted Tyres Responsibly

It goes without saying, tyres are essential for the performance of your vehicle and in keeping you safe. But, have you ever wondered what happens after you’ve replaced them? Used tyres can affect the environment and nearby communities, which is why it’s essential to dispose of them responsibly.

Every year in Australia, about 48 million tyres are disposed of and sent to landfill. With the number of cars sold on the road increasing, there is unavoidably more waste going to landfill. However, dumping tyres in landfill can be harmful to the environment if they are not discarded properly. In addition, unwanted tyres can take up a lot of space and can be difficult to dispose of if they’re no longer needed. But it’s essential to make sure you are not harming the environment when you dispose of your old tyres.


We can dispose of your unwanted tyres responsibly


It’s important to make sure you are disposing of your tyres responsibly and recycling where possible to reduce the amount that is sent to landfill. RnM Tyres hold the environmental impact of old tyres to high importance, and we want to ensure it’s not a detriment to our environment. We can help you dispose of your tyres responsibly and recycling where possible to reduce the amount going to landfill. The disposal process is quick and easy when it comes to tyres; simply get in touch with one of our experts who will be able to make sure they are disposed of safely!


The environment is important to RNM Tyres


If you’re located in Sydney, get in touch with us for help disposing of your tyres. We can collect and responsibly dispose of your unwanted tyres. Disposing of tyres responsibly means recycling as much of the tyre as possible. For example, tyres can be recycled into new products such as rubber flooring, mats and other materials. However, tyres are not a good candidate for disposal in landfill because they take up room that could be used to dispose of other waste material, which would have less environmental impact.

Sustainably disposing of old tyres is essential to lower the environmental impact. However, there are hazards when it comes to irresponsible disposal and dumping of old tyres. This is because tyres are made of rubber, and when they decompose, they release chemicals that can harm plants and animals. If you want to dispose of old tyres responsibly, contact us for our Tyre Disposal services in Sydney. Creating awareness and knowing the correct methods can help reduce the environmental impact and pave the way for disposal in a sustainable manner.

Why not reuse your unwanted tyres?


Tyres are made from rubber, a natural product that can be recycled up to six times before it starts to deteriorate and need disposal. The recycling process for tyres reduces the environmental impact of disposing them to landfill by 60%. Recycled tyres can also be repurposed into many new things such as:

  • A tyre swing
  • Garden stairs or stepping stones
  • A raised planter
  • Boat buffers
  • A dog bed
  • An ottoman
  • A garden table
  • Half-tyre hammocks
  • A sandbox for children

Sydney Tyre Disposal Service at RnM Tyres 


We’re more than happy to take your tyres off your hands, whether you need tyre disposal in Sydney or recycling. RnM Tyres provide a reliable and professional service that will have them gone from sight in no time without harming the environment! Get in touch with the team via our Contact page or on (02) 9892 1222.

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