Bridgestone 2554517 98W Potenza S001 RFT

Bridgestone 2554517 98W Potenza S001 RFT

Potenza S001 is the ultimate high performance tyre chosen by premium sports car makers such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lexus. With new optimum block rigidity offering improved traction and braking performance, it combines high-speed capabilities with a more comfortable ride in all conditions. It is designed to combine low rolling resistance efficiency with maximum sports performance in dry and wet conditions. However, like all summer tyres, they are not intended to be driven in near freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. It has semi-slick centre rib for improved handling. Also, it has slanted lug for enhanced traction and braking performance. Key Features and Benefits: 3 main grooves for water evacuation and improved wet performance and anti-hydroplaning. Wide outside shoulder for increased tyre rigidity and improved dry performance and handling. 3 new heat controlling technologies for improved ride comfort and reduced heat generation. An asymmetric design combining a large outboard shoulder, interlocking tread blocks and a central circumferential rib enhance dry road steering response, high-speed stability and cornering precision. Notches in the shoulders expel water to the sides while high-angle lateral grooves in the intermediate ribs pump water into the wide circumferential grooves to help resist hydroplaning. Tyre’s internal structure features a lightweight belt package consisting of twin steel belts supported by a spirally wrapped aramid/nylon cord reinforcement that reduces rolling resistance, enhances ride quality and ensures high-speed durability. Next generation run flat tyre technology fitments available. Active rubber inserts in the sidewalls near the bead areas tune vertical sidewall stiffness to blend cornering grip with ride comfort, as well as increase longitudinal stiffness to generate straight-line braking forces.

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