Continental 1955516 87H ContiEcoContact 5

Continental 1955516 87H ContiEcoContact 5

ContiEcoContact 5 is designed for the sake of safety and the environment. The sum total of the improvements in this tyre’s development helps it to achieve a considerably better overall performance with even more balanced driving characteristics. This means that the conflict between rolling resistance and handling can be influenced via the design, whilst the tyre compound can assist in the problem area of low rolling resistance and short braking distances in the wet. Key Features and Benefits: Elaborate new design makes the tyre deflect more readily in the sidewall section without losing its positive handling characteristics. Less movement in the belt structure help in reducing the longitudinal and lateral slip to give. Extra-thin sipes into the tread lugs are used which help to destroy the film of water when the lugs meet the road thereby keeping braking distances short and safe. Safe braking with low rolling resistance. The combination of development measures allows the new ContiEcoContact 5 to offer exceptionally low rolling resistance, together with safe driving characteristics.

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