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Dunlop 1856015 84H SP Sport 2030

Dunlop 1856015 84H SP Sport 2030


SP Sport 2030 is specially designed for performance luxury vehicles. It comes with a family of V, W, Y and Z tyres and uses state of the art compound technology. It provides exceptional reassurance in both wet and dry conditions, along with the enhanced smooth and luxurious feel. It also provides excellent grip during cornering and gives durability and increased tread life. Key Features and Benefits: Wide circumferential grooves with nearly vertical walls help to maintain wet handling and traction throughout the tyre’s life. Triple tread radius increases the tyre’s contact with the road during cornering for enhanced traction and control. Jointless Band Technology helps to maintain the tyre’s shape, enabling smooth performance at highway speeds. Fine-tuned groove depth and construction helps to provide a smooth, luxurious ride.

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