Dunlop 2853521 105Y SP Sport Maxx RT2 (MO)

Dunlop 2853521 105Y SP Sport Maxx RT2 (MO)

SP Sport Maxx TT Dunlop is the new generation of Ultra High Performance tyres, specially designed to bring performance to a higher level. Its innovative design ensures outstanding handling in all conditions, providing superior driving precision. Key Features and Benefits: Kevlar fibre pulp integrated in the sidewall apex makes stiffer sidewall even/especially under working temperature. This helps to improve quality of road feedback and driving precision. Compound with nanoparticles, optimised resin and polymer ingredients enhances adhesion on dry and wet roadways resulting in improved dry and wet grip, better dry and wet braking with improved wear. Multi Radius Technology (MRT) makes highly effective pressure deployment in the road contact patch and smoother transition from straight to curve when cornering. This results in more control when cornering. Flatter tread profile for increased stability and steering precision by making bigger and more square road contact patch. Variable land to sea ratio makes rapid and turbulence free water drainage, enhanced cornering stability and high aquaplaning resistance. Specific bead seat system creates tight link between tyre and rim that enhances road feedback with more stability and precision.

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