Goodyear 1656015 81T Duragrip

Goodyear 1656015 81T Duragrip

Duragrip is a tyre made for the modern world, offering maximum fuel economy for the family car. The tyre is very popular because of Duragrip’s balance of surefooted handling, wet-weather performance and fuel economy. It offers a quiet ride and is designed to specifically meet the needs of modern day small cars. This tyre has been developed to cope with the pressures that constantly stopping and starting in traffic causes to both your vehicle and your tyres. DuraGrip delivers on both counts by delivering high mileage and safety. Key Features and Benefits: Asymmetric tread pattern with 3D Technology ensures a superior contact patch of rubber to road. Greater fuel efficiency and mileage along with quiet ride. Responsive handling with high aquaplaning resistance. Equalised pressure distribution results in better fuel efficiency and a longer lasting tyre. Increased dry handling performance and improved noise reduction. Water aquaplaning resistance and enhanced wet performance. Designed to improved noise reduction and enhance appearance. Delivering better wet performance and increased stability. For ISO noise and enhanced dry handling. Peugeot, Fiat, Renault, Ford and others leading manufacturers fit Duragrip as standard equipment to a range of their new models.

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